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- Roy Frances
Texas GOP delegation to unveil framework to secure southern border

The Texas GOP delegation is set to reveal its border security initiative for the next Congress. [...]

- Roy Frances
Armed guards protect Pennsylvania gas station

A Philadelphia gas station owner hires armed agents to patrol his place of business. [...]

- Roy Frances
BOBB: Maricopa County recorder collaborated with CISA to censor election information

Trump campaign attorney Christina Bobb released government documents showing the Maricopa county recorder, a federal cybersecurity agency, and Twitter colluding on how to fight disinformation [...]

- Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy President Donald Trump smashed mainstream narratives that the Republican midterm races were a failure, defending his high endorsement success rate of “232 out of 252.”  “232 out of… The post Trump hits back at ‘Fake News,’ defends ‘232 of 252’ midterm races ‘WON’ first appeared on Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). [...]

- Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy In a win for proponents of medical freedom, the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives is poised to repeal the hotly contested military mandate on the… The post House set to repeal military Covid vaccine mandate first appeared on Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). [...]

- Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy Fulton County, Georgia, continues to be plagued with election anomalies as reports from observers reveal inconsistencies in how the county handled elections. The reports come as the Peach… The post Fulton County still PLAGUED with election issues following Senate runoff first appeared on Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). [...]