Arizona makes history as they set out to prove their states vote legitimacy

Finally there might be light at the end of the election tunnel. The darkness cast upon our 2020 presidential election is being revealed for the sheeple to see. A huge thanks goes to the people of a key battleground state, Arizona. It’s a historical move; first of its kind. Maricopa County, who was at the question of election fraud, has rented its state fairgrounds for a deep and thorough 3rd audit. Over this past weekend, the audit began at The Veterans Memorial coliseum and many pray that this treachery will be brought out into the open.

A full forensic audit of 2.1 million ballots will be the beginning or the end of the 2020 claim to election fraud. This audit will see 24 hour security and have a live stream that can be viewed by everyone at . Those who still don’t want to believe the disgustingly low depths of deception and treason that the Democrats sunk to might finally see for themselves. The Democrats have thrown everything they could at this audit, sending as many as 70 plus attorneys to push for its dismissal, however, they were shut down when a million dollar bond could not be placed.

The house of cards is teetering and might soon collapse. Arizona will hopefully be able to prove the fraudulent undermining of our democracy, paving the way for other states to follow.

Every state needs to follow suit and stand up for what’s right for all American voters.

Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep this audit in the dark and see it doesn’t happen… Hmmm, why? Because they are guilty and they know the jig is up. It’s said in 40 days we will all know!

God Bless America

by: Ramona Castro