Is Chicago a training ground for Bidens Federal “Strike Force”

Is Chicago a training ground for the Federal “Strike Force”, as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she welcomes federal help in addressing the gun violence in the city.

Days after Biden announces his “Strike Force” Agenda, he and Chicago’s Mayor brokered a deal to release it onto her City as a way to address the spree of gun violence. Some would speculate that it is a cover for the training of agents for the “ISOLATION & QUARANTINE” for the DHS program MGT 433.

We believe any and all gun violance needs to be handled, but isn’t that a local issues that should be handled at a local level? A military strike force is something you’d see in Iraq or a war zone strategy.

Sounds like its time to relocate Chicago, before the “Strike Force” relocates you to a nearby FEMA Camp.

Our thought’s and prayer’s are with the innocent people of Chicago.

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