Is the Biden Infrastructure Plan a beginning of the Green New Deal

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) believes that Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure deal is actually just the Democrats’ Green New Deal.

Blackburn noted that it has very few “components that you would call infrastructure.” She added it is “astounding” that they can get away with calling the package an infrastructure deal when it has “more money for electric cars than there is for highways.”

Republican have been interested in having a long-term transportation or highway bill or infrastructure bill, but Biden only allotted six percent on roads and bridges, highways, interstates and components that you would call infrastructure.

“Once you put the electric grid and broadband and ports and airports and waterways into it, you only get to 37 percent of the bill, so let’s focus on infrastructure. That is what people want to see. We have counties in our state that want to repair roads and bridges, and they are not able to because of federal regulation, I am saying let’s lift those regulations, and let them repair these roads and bridges without federal government interference.” Said Blackburn.

“Yes, this is the Green New Deal,” she added. “And it is more of an energy bill. You have more money in this so-called infrastructure bill, for Green New Deal components and electric cars. There is more money for electric cars than there is for highways.”

It is unbelievable to think they might get away with this!