Jeff’s Thought – Vaccines, Mask’s and Treatment (INFO)

  • Vaccines, Mask’s and Treatment, I feel that the American people are only getting a one sided narrative that has money being thrown all over it and at it. Hospitals, Doctors, Actors and  Politicians all being paid to push it. All the wile BIG TECH censors EVERY bit of information that don’t coincide with the Governments script.

Doctors have been on record as getting bonuses from vaccines companies for meeting a set number of vaccinations, Politicians and Actors sell it all with a huge smile, Health departments are raking in the dollars pushing Mask’s, Vaccines and Test’s as State Governors clear up the deficits with Federal Covid relief funding. All the wile the CDC and it’s bosses Dr. Fauci & Bill Gates set the pace, prices and paths for the American People to only make billions. Let’s not forget the Media, they have pushed this “Pandemic” as if the end of the world as we know it has arrived and that billions world wide bought it hook, line and sinker.

The information is out there to the truth, at least another point of view. Research is only nothing but time and is very simple once applied. Ask yourself about the negative effects of cutting off your air waives, isolating yourself, become social distant from others, Mental Health and most of all being guilted to put a untested, unverified liquid into your body that has no information anywhere. To add it’s top financier Bill Gates is on record to saying, “He has no plans to releasing the Vaccines makeup”

I have read and researched many Doctors statements who are basically “Not With the Program” for not only my health but my families. Here is one web site i found that I’d like to get your curiosity peaked with. , these are Doctor’s loosing almost everything fighting to push the other side to this “Pandemic” this world ending Virus that so many have been feared into believing.


-AFLDS believes that the American people have the right to accurate information using trusted data derived from decades of practical experience, not politicized science and Big Tech-filtered public health information.
-We support devolving critical public health decision-making away from Washington and closer tolocal communities and the physicians that serve them. We are steadfastly committed to protecting the physician-patient relationship.
-We support incorporating front-line and actively practicing physicians into the nation’s healthcare policy conversation.
-We believe that organizations like the AMA and other sources of medical information have lost their independence and should be treated with greater skepticism.
-We believe that safe and effective, over-the-counter COVID preventative and early treatment options should be made available to all Americans who need them. We reject mandatory government lockdowns and restrictions not supported by scientific evidence. We support focused care for the nation’s at-risk population, including seniors and the immune-compromised.
-Most of all, America’s Frontline Doctors is committed to maintaining the physician-patient relationship in the face of government encroachment. We are not the media – please share what you learn here.


AFLDS founder Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, “the doctor who went viral,” is a board-certified emergency physician and author of the best-selling book “I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture.” She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate degree. Dr. Gold worked in Washington, D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee.

Dr. Gold is a frequent guest on media outlets across the country. She has appeared in USA Today, the Associated Press, the Guardian (UK), New York Times, and many other publications. She has been featured on such nationally syndicated programs as The Tucker Carlson Show, The Ingraham Angle, The Glenn Beck Show, The Charlie Kirk Show, The Dennis Prager Show, Day Star Television, and others. In July 2020, she organized the first-ever America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit in Washington, D.C., which drew 20 million views online. Dr. Gold is America’s leading voice of common sense and scientific clarity in the fight against COVID-19.

‍Look, I have no ill wish to mislead anyone, I only look to wake those that I can. I hate all the wrong done to the world with this “Pandemic” this “Virus” and with all those who cannot see and as God as my witness, I will do my best to bring whatever dark I can to light! – Jeff Pitock-