No One wants to work anymore, Excuses to quit are overwhelming

Similar signs, like the one above, are all over the place in almost every industry. McDonalds is just one company displaying the difficulties in getting quality help. Ever since the States collapsed their economies and put millions into the unemployment coma, it’s been hard for businesses to lure the employees back to life. This so-called pandemic has put young minded workers into limp mode, and the money, heck, the weekly “free” money, is more than

 they would ever see from their employers, even with overtime. Now that is not good at all, but it’s not right to unmotivate an entire generation. Sooner or later the ATM machine is going to stop kicking out the dollars.  
Covid and its fear propaganda gave many the excuse to quit the workforce and run from responsibility. We are just over a year in the Covid Pandemic and not much has changed. Some would say it’s getting better, but the Federal Government, with its mindless spending, just keeps waving the free money flag to all in each broadcast. Heck, a small town McDonalds put on its advertisement that they are giving $50 for interviews. This is a sad moment for business in America. 
It’s only going to get worse! As the new political Administration changes the playing field on the Country’s economic structure, we might see more small businesses suffer or close from its wrath in time to come. It’s time to stop the free hand outs before we have no one left willing to work and we see more and more signs like the one above. This is a strange time in our country and frankly, it’s a little embarrassing.