Texas Democratic lawmakers “left their jobs” to stop the Republican voting bill.

I’d Like to make note of this statement, “We’ve left our jobs”. So they vacated their position? In the business world that would act as a formal letter of resignation, would it not?

Pictures show several smiling, maskless, Texas Democrats on a plane fleeing Texas in part of their move to protest the GOP’s efforts to strengthen election integrity in the state. Notably, Texas Democrats thwarted the effort at the end of the 2021 regular session by staging a walkout, leaving Republicans without a quorum to vote on the measure, Senate Bill 7, in May.

As a result, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) promised that election integrity would be added to the special session agenda. And indeed, Abbott’s office subsequently released an agenda for the special session, which included key election integrity items.

However, instead of tackling the legislative priorities, Texas Democrats opted to flee the state yet again, denying the GOP majority a quorum to pass any bills.

“This is a now-or-never for our democracy. We are holding the line in Texas,” Democratic state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer said. “We’ve left our jobs, we’ve left our families, we’ve left our homes. Because there is nothing more important than voting rights in America.”

Pictures show the Democrats smiling aboard a plane, holding up peace signs and without masks. Meanwhile, GOP lawmakers, such as Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rick Scott (R-FL), have been vying to end the federal mask mandate, which requires domestic travelers to wear a mask on commercial flights, regardless of vaccination status.

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