VIDEO: COVID 23? Did Michael Bay give us a look into 2023?


This just might be a visual training opp as to a better understanding what is coming for 2023? Covid-23 maybe? Why is Bill Gates already talking about 2023’s pandemic. Seems the technology and restrictions they are seeking now are being shown off in this movie filmed DURNING a pandemic lockdown in CALAFORNIA no less.  

“They love telling you what’s coming in everting they create for you! – Art imitates life!!”

Principal production commenced on July 8, 2020, in Los Angeles. Filming was initially halted by SAG-AFTRA, who granted the production permission to proceed a day later. The film wrapped on August 3, 2020. It was the first film to shoot in Los Angeles during the lockdown due to COVID-19 restrictions. “Special Permission”  

Now on HULU, YouTube and Amazon Prime!


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