As many State pull restrictions and mandates of masking of vaccinated people, one wonders as to the un-vaccinated. Now some say unvaccinated MUST still ware mask’s but what if I am not in fear or want to, were are my rights in all this? No one can violate your rights or force you to do anything you don’t want to. It violates basic human rights to not allow someone to partake in needs or necessities. IF THE SHOT OR THE MASK WILL DO YOU HARM, you should have to be force to endanger yourself to take part in your pursuit of happiness.

REMEMBER: The Constitution, Bill of Rights and basic right to life princables apply!

Well HIPPA Law and ADA rules ARE LAW and if infringed upon is grounds to a lawsuit. SO non-mask/vaxers get read to stand your ground!!

“The Americans with Disability act (ADA) and HIPPA Laws (Health Insurance and Portability act were created for times like these. Under the ADA, they can not force you to wear a mask or any other medical procedure if you have a disability. HIPPA Laws forbids them from even asking you what kind or disability you have or to question you if you have had a vaccine.”

And if you fall short in the argument because those are just laws and laws can be bent, remember your religious rights are constitutionally protected!

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