WOW… Michigan Gov. Whitmer raised 8.5 million in 7 months for re-election

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will report next week that she has more than $8- $10 million in cash in her campaign fund, following a record-setting fund-raising stretch, her campaign said Tuesday.

See that!! One of the most hated Governor’s in America has no problem selling away her sole for a re-election guarantee. Like to get a look at those campaign contribution’s!

I do find it funny that Democrats and my home State Governor has absolutely shown no concerns for their positions in 2022.

She should have really no concern’s when the Michigan 3, Nessel, Whitmer and Benson are threating and stopping any request from law makers for a official Audit into the 2020 Elections, even with Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin pushing State wide audits.

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